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  • The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written – No matter what you do in life, whether you are a carpenter, doctor, or a teacher, you are selling something. Learn the art and science of selling not only things, but also ideas and yourself.
  • Anyone Can Become a Millionaire – Not a get rich quick scheme, this book lays out a plan, based on what Einstein’s felt was his greatest mathematical discovery, in his words, as to how every American can retire a millionaire.
  • Rise to the Top – What makes great leaders of people great? You don’t have to be born a leader, you can become one.
  • How to Increase Your Sales through Great Customer Service – Whether you own your own business, lead a customer service team, or are in sales, this is a must read for you.
  • BONUS: A Guide to Breaking into the Lucrative World of Medical Sales – How to get into the industry even when you aren’t qualified. This is a FREE bonus book!

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Welcome home to MedConnect180, to your website; a positive meeting place for those of us in the medical and pharmaceutical sales industry. We are not recruiters nor will we become recruiters; this site and community was created to benefit candidates, medical and pharmaceutical sales people, and recruiters as a education and resource center.

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Would you like to increase your net worth in medical sales and be the captain of your ship sooner than later? Did you know that medical salespeople are not only some of the highest paid sales people in the world but it’s one of the most rewarding and exciting industries in the World?

So how do you get into this highly competitive field? How do you differentiate yourself from the rest? We’ve created two books to help you on your mission.

Our first book, the Greatest Sales Book Ever Written, the #1 medical sales book since its original release (now updated), has given us the rights to provide this book with your membership.

The companion book, Rise to the Top, asks the question: What makes great leaders of people great? You don’t have to be born a leader, you can become one.

Our exclusive Anyone Can Become a Millionaire will lay the road map to achieving incredible wealth in a realistic amount of time.

And finally, How to Increase your Sales Through Great Customer Service is an indispensable guide to creating and maintaining a strong service profile.


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Our bonus book, A Guide to Breaking into the Lucrative World of Medical Sales provides incredible insight and creative ways to get started and land that first medical sales job.

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Other sites serve us well: MedReps, LinkedIn, and now Indeed, but these sites are primarily where we go to search for jobs. MedConnect180 is so much more, and we will continue to bring even more valuable benefits over time.

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We’ve gathered some of the industries “Lions of Leadership,” “Sultans of Sales,“ “Monsters of Marketing,” and “Titans of Training” to be your personal career coaches. They will guide you through their extensive experience and provide different avenues for you to take.

Career Management

Change is inevitable. We have all felt career dissatisfaction, for whatever reason. Where do you turn? We created this site when we came to the realization that a partner and support community would be helpful to provide options while looking for jobs and to help plan for the future.

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For every $20 book set, at a minimum, we will donate 10% of all net proceeds of each sale, and at a minimum $10 from each book set sale will go to The Children’s National Hospital and National Institute of Health. We hope everyone will donate a portion of their proceeds to their favorite charity or cause.

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Once you order the books, you will automatically become an affiliate, with a custom link that you can send out to people who would be interested in getting these great books. And for every referral that joins, you’ll get $10… just like that! So if you have a large list of contacts, you could be in for some very real money.

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