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MedConnect180 is an industry exclusive community of medical and pharmaceutical professionals that connects its members with experts, news, and strategies.

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We want MedConnect180 to be that constant in your career; a place you can get advice and find interesting information and opportunities outside the traditional job. It is a gathering place where you can bring opportunity to others and it will be an information resource provided by both our experts other members like you!

Other changes, such as hospitals buying physician practices and hiring them as employees, have had an impact on decision making. Our docs are now “working for the man” and many times the buying decisions are taken out of their hands and going to committees, which have numerous members. Instead of just HCP’s, you might now have a CFO, pharmacist, a Director of Patient Experience or a bean counter sitting on the committee. 

Understandably, the government, payers, hospitals, and companies are looking for ways to improve outcomes while driving out costs. That can mean opportunity or it could mean layoff for you. The medical industry is still the best place to be, but we’ve got to be savvier and protect ourselves with multiple streams of income or lower living expenses, just like the hospitals and companies we serve. Great opportunities still exist and we can help you find them!

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For some who are getting older, it may start to become more difficult to get that $250,000 device job. Despite its illegality, many young managers avoid hiring older sales representatives. Yes, age discrimination is alive and well in our great country. 

There are throngs of people in the medical industry, some trying to enter, some trying to survive, and some thriving. There are even those who want to slow down in the medical industry, but aren’t ready to retire completely. These are talented people who have great relationships and skills, skills many younger people don’t yet have, who can contribute significantly to the success of a new product or company on a part time or 1099 basis. There is a place for everyone in our MedConnect180 community.

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Neal Balius

Managing Partner at NRB Consulting. Formerly with Johnson & Johnson, Hologic, Sanofi and Stryker.

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Eric Davidson

Currently marketing and sales leader in the medical device industry. Formerly with Kimberly Clark and Beckman Coulter.

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Dean Gould

Certified 360 Solutions Trainer for Sales, Leadership Development, and Marketing Strategy.

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Dean Koch

CEO of Thrive Neuromedical. Also served at Ionica Sciences, JumpStart, CerviLenz and Adeza Biomedical.

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Devra Ochs

Executive coach with 20 years experience in all aspects of sales, management and marketing prior to coaching.

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Jeff Oveland

Formerly Director of Sales and Field Trainer at Johnson & Johnson, Cordis Endovascular, Medtronic Vascular and Orthofix.

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Rick Puleo

Award winning Regional Sales Manager with Cordis and J&J Medical (both J&J companies) with extensive coaching experience.

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