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The Medical Sales Playbook

MedConnect180 worked with some of the industry’s top sales representatives and sales management leaders to create a simple, powerful road map to becoming or remaining a top medical sales representative.

Whether you are trying to get into the industry, are already in and finding yourself in a rut, or are already at the top looking for new strategies, this course is gold, and if not, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Strategies on how to jump out in the new year, start exceeding quota, and earn top commissions immediately in medical sales.
  • How to make yourself invaluable to your customers and become a part of their procedure team.
  • Sales isn’t always a bowl of cherries.  You’ll learn how to defend your business in any situation and keep your stress levels down.
  • How to become a consultant/team member for your customers and not F&B annoyance customers avoid.
  • How to challenge your customers’ way of thinking, making yourself even more valuable, without getting banned from the OR/Cath Lab, etc.
  • Strategies to excel and sell during a pandemic, post-pandemic, or during any tough time thrown your way.
  • Time-tested ways to exceed quotas, and reach your commission goals each year.
  • Obtain financial freedom in the next 10 years through medical sales or anything you do.  You don’t have to start a business to become wealthy.
  • Ideas to bring value to customers on every call.
  • $99 price off $199 for a limited time.
  • 5 bonus books:
    • The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written – #1 Medical Sales book.
    • Anyone can become a Millionaire in Medical Sales Using Einstein’s Mathematical Miracle and other Strategies.
    • How to Enter the Lucrative World of Medical Sales, when you aren’t qualified to work with a recruiter.
    • Rise to the Top, How to become a great leader, manager, and mentor.   Want to understand your manager and get them to rally to help you more?   Interested in a sales leadership position?  Want to improve as a sales person and increase your sales just by reading this book?     A must read.
    • Increase your Sales through Great Customer Service.   Warren Buffet says:   “In order to succeed in business, you must delight customers with a great experience and service.
  • Ongoing podcasts with Industry leaders.
  • You become a part of the MedConnect180 community with a lifetime of learning and access.

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We are the Experts

Get the Inside Scoop on Medical Sales reports that the AVERAGE income earned in medical sales is $149,544 with an average base of $92,698 and an average bonus of $63,318. (Nov 27, 2018) US News and World Report indicates that Lawyers, earn mean salaries of $144,230 per year.  They go on to say that the top-paying job that generally requires just a four-year undergraduate degree is petroleum engineer, which earns $156,370 per year. Do you want to be a petroleum engineer, or stand inside a cardiovascular operating room and be a part of a team that saves lives? Imagine earning more than the average attorney and many engineers.

We’ve seen advanced medical sales representatives earn from $200,000+ with the cream of the crop earning $500,000+. Some may say the days of earning this type of income is gone, but we disagree. Through our books we will show you strategies that will guide you to high earning job opportunities.  

Whether you are trying to enter the industry or you are a seasoned veteran, MedConnect180 will benefit you and will pay dividends towards your career.


“This site is especially valuable during this Pandemic where connection to people is even more important. Love it!”

Paul Glavovic