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The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written is the #1 medical sales book since it original release (2nd edition). No matter what you do in life, whether you are a carpenter, doctor, or a teacher, you are selling something. Learn the art and science of selling not only things, but also ideas and yourself.

Rise to the Top is an expert’s guide on leadership training, sure to enhance any career. What makes great leaders of people great? You don’t have to be born a leader, you can become one.

Anyone can become a Millionaire will help you supercharge your life! Everyone is in sales, one way or another. Not a get rich quick scheme, this book lays out a plan, based on Einstein’s greatest mathematical discovery, in his words, as to how every American can retire a millionaire. The rich really do keep getting richer, and this book explains why and how you can obtain wealth too.

How to Increase your Sales Through Great Customer Service will increase your sales with no-nonsense advice.  Whether you own your own business, lead a customer service team, or are in sales, this is a must read for you.

A Guide to Breaking into the Lucrative World of Medical Sales will help you supercharge your career.

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We’ve gathered some of the industries “Lions of Leadership,” “Sultans of Sales,“ “Monsters of Marketing,” and “Titans of Training” to be your personal career coaches. They will guide you through their extensive experience and provide different avenues for you to take.

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We are the Experts

Get the Inside Scoop on Medical Sales reports that the AVERAGE income earned in medical sales is $149,544 with an average base of $92,698 and an average bonus of $63,318. (Nov 27, 2018) US News and World Report indicates that Lawyers, earn mean salaries of $144,230 per year.  They go on to say that the top-paying job that generally requires just a four-year undergraduate degree is petroleum engineer, which earns $156,370 per year. Do you want to be a petroleum engineer, or stand inside a cardiovascular operating room and be a part of a team that saves lives? Imagine earning more than the average attorney and many engineers.

We’ve seen advanced medical sales representatives earn from $200,000+ with the cream of the crop earning $500,000+. Some may say the days of earning this type of income is gone, but we disagree. Through our books we will show you strategies that will guide you to high earning job opportunities.  

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