How do you find your custom link? How do you get paid? Where can I see which recruiters or affilates are linked to me? Get the answers to your questions, or ask one of your own on the Contact Us page.

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Dear Recruiters,

Our team has been developing an idea over the last few years, and we decided that now was the best time to launch this medical sales website, which can help candidates who don’t fit the requirements of your job orders while driving revenue to your business. The Vision is to create an industry-specific gathering site which will provide useful information about sales, the industry, ways to save money, ways to make money, etc. For you, the recruiter, it’s a way to help the 90+% of your database, you’ll never have the chance to help. We appreciate all you do for the careers of so many and look forward to working with you on this simple endeavor. Below are one, two or three steps you can take which can benefit you and your candidates:

  1. Email blast via Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, etc. to spread the word.
  2. Autoresponder to emails coming in to your inbox.
  3. Your custom link to on your website.

How it works

Spread the Word

How can I find my custom URL

Click the Recruiter Account link. Your Affiliate ID and referral URL will be listed under the Affiliate URL tab, similar to the sample image.

Just copy that URL and start sending emails to prospective members. When they sign up with your link, you get paid! See the Sample Letters page for ideas, or create your own.

How will I get paid?

You’ll need a PayPal account to receive your payouts. You may have added this on the sign up form, but you can change or add it on the Settings tab in the Recruiter Account area

How can I send emails to my whole list?

We suggest Mail Chimp. Send one email out to your database which will benefit their lives and get you paid if they sign up. $10 for every sign up is paid to you!

If you don’t have a webmaster or someone who can help you, we have technicians available at a cost of $150 hour. It should take about 1 hour to set up your account and send the email.

Can I set up an autoresponder for emails?

An autoresponder is a great way to deal with emails that you don’t have time to read and reply to right away. If you recieve large quantities of emails and resumes from candidates, you can send an auto-reply with a message directing them to MedConnect180 (with your custom link of course), so they can get some benefits while you sort through the stacks.

Dear candidate,

Thank you for your email. Due to the enormous time constraints and fast pace of the recruiting business, I’m sorry if I do not respond to your email. I look at every resume and IF I have a job order which fits your background, I will definitely give you a call or send you and email. If I do not, I will put your resume in a database which allows me to quickly find it, and alert you when a job order comes along which is a fit. In the mean time, an incredible website has been created by those in the industry and former recruiters which:

  • Provides 5 tremendously resourceful books.
  • Provides a full-length, detailed course.
  • Medical sales job search tips and ideas on how to get into the industry, increase sales, create tremendous wealth, and further your career.

I highly recommend these books and this site for anyone 1) looking to get into the industry 2) anyone in the industry or 3) anyone out of work looking for creative ways to earn additional income.

I wish you all the success in your search and I’m hopeful I’ll have something now or in the near future to help you in your pursuit.