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“This book gives an excellent roadmap to pursuing a position in medical sales. I highly recommend if for anyone who wants to pursue this lucrative, exciting career. I was in the industry for 20+ years and found the books to be spot on. I joined a few weeks ago and am using the local coupons already. I have almost fully recouped the cost of the books/membership.”

Beth Alhanti, LMHC

“This site is especially valuable during this Pandemic where connection to people is even more important. Love the site!”

Paul Glavovic

“What a tremendous resource this site is! I only wish this was available when I was starting in Medical device sales. Whether you’re trying to get into the industry or are a seasoned veteran, there is a ton of valuable information in the books and on the site.”

Catherine Higbee

“What a website for candidates looking to get into medical device sales. The two books are a great read and will help you navigate the tough world of breaking into medical sales and obtaining wealth for anyone already in the industry. I would recommend this for anyone just out of college or who has just a few years of sales experience. Wish I had this when I graduated from college.”

Thomas Gries

“I thought you did a great job of capturing the blueprint for a successful Sales Representative in business and in life. We can all learn personally and professionally from the book, both Managers and Sales Representatives and I have ordered copies for the entire Field Team for our National Meeting. Thanks for your leadership and energy to write the book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.”

Jon Dwight, former VP, Sales, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc., Johnson and Johnson

“I was very pleased with the book and couldn’t agree more with the fundamental aspects of what it takes to be successful, especially in sales. I just ordered 241 books so that I can disperse amongst our sales and management team. This will allow us to incorporate the benefits of this book not only for brand new hires into Healthpoint, but also to send out to all existing sales reps and managers as well.”

Jay Speelhoffer, Director of Sales, Healthpoint, Inc.

“The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written is a fun and easy read, with tons of useful information for both novice and experienced sales professionals. This Book is mandatory reading for all my Sales Reps!”

Jeff Oveland, Region Sales Director, Orthofix Inc.

“Your book is FANTASTIC! Anyone looking for a complete guide on medical sales should stop right here and order immediately. It is a true blueprint for both new and experienced salespeople. The tools you write about are easy to understand and easy to follow for success in this tough business. It will be required reading for my subordinates and teammates. Keep up the good work.”

Jon Osborne, Western Regional Sales Manager, Axya Medical

“I want to thank you for putting into black and white all the things that I believe makes a sales rep great. Several reps in my region have told me they are already seeing a difference in how they approach their every day business, and have specifically referenced your book.”

Joe Terry, Region Manager, I-Flow

“Branch Managers – Please send out to your loan officers! This book is awesome! I’ve personally read the book and it gives good insight on how to be a more affective Salesperson!! I endorse this book!”

Paul Ramos, Vice President Sales, Chase Mtg

“Your book is “The greatest Sales book ever written”!! I have read many sales books over the years however your book is on top of my list because your book is more about how to become a Top Sales reps vs. just a career in sales. I have read your book from cover to cover several times. I continue to pick it up for inspiration and making sure I am staying on top of my Game!! Thank you for writing such a Great book!!”

Margriet Steuer, Sr. Account Manager, Ethicon Endo

“I am on my second reading of your book. It was a pleasure to read the first time and the advice you offered helped me break into medical sales. Thank you!”

Charles Angelino

“Your sales book immediately reminded me of all the things I love about being in sales. Each of your chapters really pertains to many situations in life, whether it’s calling on customers, working with co workers, or managing a little league baseball team. You book is ideal for anyone who is just entering into a sales career, but it is equally motivating for those of us that have been around awhile and just need a “refresher” course on what sales is all about. “

C. Junor

“This course is thorough and easy to understand. It has practical and helpful tips to help get in and succeed in the Medical Sales Profession.”

Beth Alhanti

“I did finish reading your excellent book, The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written. The Bonus pages offered the best information and advice.”

Adrienne Matcham

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