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MedConnect180 helps develop top medical sales professionals, whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran.
We will guide you in getting a career in the world of medical sales.

Whether you’re trying to get into the industry, are already in and finding yourself in a rut, or are already at the top looking for new strategies, this course is gold.

What you can learn
in our course.

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  • How to start and build a career in medical sales
  • How to earn higher commissions
  • Understand what it takes to be a top medical sales representative
  • Recognize your strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify the best ways for you to grow as a medical sales professional
  • Get the most out of your sales training, both in-person and online
  • Build a team that can help you be more successful

What’s included
for just $79?

  • 30-minute live coaching session
  • 2-part course with over 20 lessons
  • 5 digital ebooks to complement lessons
  • 13 podcast lessons with top industry leaders

How you can benefit from our courses?


Get individualized career coaching from the industry’s most powerful personal and professional coaches to guide you and take your career to the next level.

Career Path

We help you navigate the next phase of your career with essential strategies and methods to promote a successful change in Medical Sales field.

Giving Back

Learn more about our partnership and find out how you can donate a portion of your proceeds to The Children’s National Hospital and National Institute of Health.

The community

MedConnect180 is an industry exclusive community of medical and pharmaceutical professionals that connects its members with experts, news, and strategies.

Jay Speelhoffer, Senior Director, Business Operations, Sanara

“I was very pleased with the book and couldn’t agree more with the fundamental aspects of what it takes to be successful, especially in sales. I just ordered 241 books so that I can disperse amongst our sales and management team. This will allow us to incorporate the benefits of this book not only for brand new hires into Healthpoint, but also to send out to all existing sales reps and managers as well.”


Thomas Gries

“What a website for candidates looking to get into medical device sales. The two books are a great read and will help you navigate the tough world of breaking into medical sales and obtaining wealth for anyone already in the industry. I would recommend this for anyone just out of college or who has just a few years of sales experience. Wish I had this when I graduated from college.”

Catherine Higbee

“What a tremendous resource this site is! I only wish this was available when I was starting in Medical device sales. Whether you’re trying to get into the industry or are a seasoned veteran, there is a ton of valuable information in the books and on the site.”

Beth Alhanti, LMHC

“This book gives an excellent roadmap to pursuing a position in medical sales. I highly recommend if for anyone who wants to pursue this lucrative, exciting career. I was in the industry for 20+ years and found the books to be spot on. I joined a few weeks ago and am using the local coupons already. I have almost fully recouped the cost of the books/membership.”

Paul Glavovic

“This site is especially valuable during this Pandemic where connection to people is even more important. Love it!”

A Guide to Breaking into the Lucrative World of Medical Sales


Breaking into the Lucrative World of Medical Sales

  • Insider tips & advice from experienced professionals
  • Comprehensive coverage of medical sales topics
  • Actionable steps to increase earnings
  • Strategies to drive long-term success

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